Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Around Buckingham: Columns and Shadows

Columns and Shadows

These columns with their shadows provide a setting for a perspective photograph with depth.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mmmm...such wonderful golden light and long, gorgeous shadows! I love the lines...

26/5/05 03:33  
Blogger ian said...

Thank you Lara - this is one of my favourites I have put on Flickr thus far.

26/5/05 08:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great lines on this photograph. I especially like the perfect line on the shadowing, and that nice blue sky.

Thanks for visiting my blog and posting a comment :)

26/5/05 08:20  
Blogger Potpourri said...

Spectacular shot.

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. visit often.

26/5/05 15:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is FABULOUS! I just stumbled into your site. Great shot, I love this one!

27/5/05 04:09  
Blogger ian said...

Thank you all for your kind comments.

27/5/05 09:33  
Blogger jane said...

Love this one - great shadows.

27/5/05 10:33  
Blogger Tequila said...

Imposing columns, beautiful lines and lighting and that little bit of sky.

Great pic!

28/5/05 07:02  
Blogger ian said...

Jane and TEquila thank you so much for those words of encouragement

28/5/05 08:55  
Blogger Toron said...

i love this one, great perspective on the columns, i love the shadows

30/5/05 01:01  
Blogger Kamakshi said...

i just love columns. beautiful shot .. its lovely with the shadows and the golden shine coz of the sun! every pic in the buckingham collection is beautiful!

30/5/05 02:23  
Blogger Ezequiel Mesquita said...

Wonderful composition and colors, it seems a Renaissance paint.

31/5/05 22:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the beautiful, golden color.

1/6/05 02:53  

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