Saturday, May 28, 2005

Around Buckingham: Invasion of Ivy

Overgrown Window

This overgrown window detail is a picture I like.

Technically it is not good and does not necessarily represent my best photography. It does though show a detail showing how a number of 'ordinary' buildings (i.e. not one of the normal tourist ones like public buildings) around here look.

The reason I took it is not for the building, rather the invasion of nature into the man-made structure. The building is several hundred years old, but you know nature will get it back in the end.

Tomorrow I will start a new set of photos. Not sure what yet though - perhaps trees, perhaps a random set.


Blogger MP said...

The sign is nicely covered, giving some extra sense of already won territory.

28/5/05 09:27  
Blogger ian said...

mp - thank you for an insightful comment!

28/5/05 09:39  
Blogger Suyog said...

Very nice. I like your interpretation of the picture - "nature will get it back in the end".

28/5/05 12:54  
Blogger makuahine said...

Very nice - and I agree with MP... I wonder what the yellow is that is hiding in the green, but it has been suffocated away. Sharp colors though, I especially love the tone of the green and the contrast with the red bricks!

28/5/05 14:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The sign keeps drawing my eyes as well, and I'm driving myself crazy trying to figure out what it says! This looks like an interesting building, but it's made more so by the drama unfolding around it--what will happen? Will the ivy win? Or will someone eventually come and chop it all down? I like to imagine this building a few years down the line, covered over completely in the ivy. Going inside it would be almost like entering the earth...

28/5/05 15:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The sign probably says "don't feed the ivy"

Great image. You say its not one of your best, but I really love the deeper meaning behind the image.

Beautiful textures & colors. The red brick/green ivy works perfectly together.

28/5/05 18:20  
Blogger Judy Birmingham (Seeing Anew Blog) said...

I've just been through your site and see that you have a keen eye for textures. I like your subjects -- old mills, the church, the gaol -- and the way you compose the shots in a way that evokes a wistful mood and almost obsessive contemplation. What DOES that sign say?? :-) It's almost what you aren't showing that makes this such a good shot. I am so happy to have discovered your site.

29/5/05 21:29  
Blogger ian said...

Guys, As ever thank you all very much for your comments - I think the sign is alicense plate for a car parking space. Th ephoto was taken from a car park adjacent to this building.

I will take a look next time I am there.

31/5/05 09:55  
Blogger Ezequiel Mesquita said...

What a beautiful texture!!!

31/5/05 22:27  
Blogger Potpourri said...

The rugged surface of the wall, the traditional brick red and the pervasive ivy, great shot, great composition this is!!

31/5/05 23:15  
Blogger ian said...

Thank you pilgrim and potpourri

2/6/05 19:33  

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