Thursday, May 26, 2005

Around Buckinham: Davey Brothers

Davey Brothers

This old workshop was once the focal point of a thriving business.

I have tried to give it the look of an old newspaper story.

Ironically, the aged picture and the run down subject work photographically, but in reality it should be one or the other!


Blogger btezra said...

~the run down look really makes the shot, the textures as well in the wood~

26/5/05 13:24  
Blogger cube said...

u got a nice start:). this shot it's really great in b&w.

26/5/05 14:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the bits of red you've left in there, and, as btezra said, the textures are fabulous in that wooden door... I love those mosaic like windows also!

26/5/05 15:05  
Blogger Suyog said...

You have got some amazing pictures out here! Your collection of architecture photos are too good. Will keep visiting!

26/5/05 15:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great work w/ processing this image. It really has that old worn look emphasized by the processing. Great texture & detail.


26/5/05 18:31  
Blogger ian said...

Nice to meet you all in cyberspace guys - thanks for the encouragment.

27/5/05 09:34  
Blogger jane said...

Very nice tones - and thanks for stopping by ephemera.

27/5/05 10:32  
Blogger ian said...

jane - you are very welcoem - you have a lovely site.

29/5/05 08:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love the sepia tone and the sharpening on this one... gives it such a textured feel.

1/6/05 20:54  
Blogger Arto Alamaunu said...

Allright...this was the shot I bookmarked your nice scenery...excuseme my poor english, so I'll say it in finnish:
Kun näin tämän kuvan ensimmäisen kerran, tuli mieleen menneisyys. Tämäkin unohdettu paikka odottaa vain purkamistaan...jonkun ihmisen elämä, toisen työ, kenties jonkun elämäntyön loppu. Kuvaa hyvin kaiken katoavaisuutta... You'll got to get a dictionary for that! A great shot! Nice...

27/6/05 21:33  

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