Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Barcelona: Canadian Transition

Canadian Transition

This leaf which I saw on the pavement looked interesting on the patterned pavement below.

It was autumn time in Barcelona (October 03). I have rotated it following a suggestion from Wilk on Flickr that it looked like a symbol of Canada.


Blogger MP said...

Good find! Leaf has some interesting patterns.

7/6/05 08:33  
Blogger Metallyptica said...

It's the most amazing leaf I've ever seen!

Great shot, Timurilenk! I just love it! :)

7/6/05 08:34  
Blogger Suyog said...

Superb! Lovely colours.

7/6/05 09:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it already autumn?
Wonderfull color of the leaf. Spring and autumn are two great seasons.

Greets Holger

7/6/05 10:42  
Blogger jane said...

Gorgeous colours!

7/6/05 12:48  
Blogger Kamakshi said...

great blend of colors!

7/6/05 14:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't expect to find a Maple Leaf this early in the season. ;-)

7/6/05 15:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonderful colors.

7/6/05 16:50  
Blogger cube said...

great contrast.

7/6/05 17:45  
Blogger Srikanth said...

Canada in Barcelona.
Its a small world anyway...
Nice picture.

7/6/05 17:49  
Blogger ian said...

This leaf is a'as found' - no PS other than what I consider to be normal darkroom stuff.

It was taken October 03 - hence the colours.

Thanks to all for looking & commenting.

7/6/05 17:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this photo works so well because of the patterns and lines of the leaf on the brick. It's a great find, one that most would have passed up. I hope to make it back to the midwest this year for the fall colors. I've not seen them in a few years, and almost forget how beautiful it is.

7/6/05 19:17  
Blogger ian said...

David - Thank you for your kind comment - I truly appreciate it.

Hope you do get to see the fall this year (and of course post the pictures for us all to enjoy)!

7/6/05 19:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mmmmm...delicious color, gorgeous lines, wonderful textures... I love this one! :)

7/6/05 21:40  
Blogger Joel said...

It looks like red metal.

7/6/05 22:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Canada Maple in Barcelona? Que pasa, eh?

7/6/05 22:20  
Blogger Maran said...

Cool, the colour changing from green to red.

8/6/05 03:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great detail both in the leaf and the tile. Excellent color as well.

8/6/05 05:57  
Blogger Toron said...

wow, great colour on this one!

8/6/05 06:12  
Blogger pk said...

Love the contrast of pattern and color in this, just awesome.

8/6/05 17:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


8/6/05 19:41  
Blogger ian said...

Thank you all for your compliments!

8/6/05 20:16  
Blogger Ezequiel Mesquita said...

Wonderful contrast, and beautiful photo!

10/6/05 23:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

really great contrast between organic, color and geometric inorganic!

12/6/05 01:29  
Blogger ian said...

Thank you all!

12/6/05 08:33  

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