Sunday, June 19, 2005

Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower

I went to Paris for an interview for my current job mid 2004. ALthough I travel quite a bit in my profession, I rarely get to see anything!

It was great to have a bit of spare time to get up this beast.

Due to the enormous queues, I decided to walk up which provided me with the opportunity to take a number of pictures on the way up and down with my pocket digital camera.

I got the job which bizzarely is as an English employee working in Germany for a French company - you cannot get more European than that! As a gift to myself for getting this job, later that July, I bought my first Digital SLR.

This one is a typical tourist shot from the ground.

I decided on the theme this week because of a request by Potpourri who claims to be sweet, smart and sexy!!

Have a great week!


Blogger ChickyBabe said...

Ah, Paris always puts a smile on my face. And the view from the top is just...magnifique!

19/6/05 09:41  
Blogger Seann McCollum said...

I came across your blog randomly and just wanted to let you know I think your photos are really wonderful, my favorites being the recent ones such as the boxes, luggage manage to make these ordinary objects seem fresh and beautiful...thanks for posting them so that strangers such as myself may enjoy them!

19/6/05 10:04  
Blogger Joel said...

Haha! It really looks like the Pise Tower like that ! :)

19/6/05 10:25  
Blogger Jennifer Swanepoel said...

You certainly ARE very European. :) Very glad you got the job, gladder still you got to go out and see some sights.

What kind of digital SLR did you get? I'm considering purchasing the Nikon D70-S myself. Right now just using a pocket digital-- Kodak EasyShare 7440. I'd be interested to know your thoughts about digital SLRs. Thanks! :)

19/6/05 12:53  
Blogger erika said...

Hello!! I'm Erika.
Your picture is very beautiful. I also want to Pari. I think it's very good place. How is Pari's weather, food and so on? and also I want to know your country, UK. Near future I want to study abroad in UK, so please tell me your country.
Good bye☆

19/6/05 13:37  
Blogger Kamakshi said...

though u claim it to be a typical tourist's shot, i love the angle. truly beautiful architecture!

19/6/05 13:52  
Blogger pk said...

Love the angle. I would love to see pari one day till then am gonna satisfy with there picture i guess.

19/6/05 15:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like this framing, at an angle. nice work, and the sky looks very pretty as well.

19/6/05 16:55  
Blogger Karthik L G said...

nice shot
this one by a digi slr or a p&s cam
guess the later .. right?

19/6/05 17:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

beautiful angle and composition...detail is sky and Eiffel tower is romantic feeling.

19/6/05 19:36  
Blogger F. Vissault said...

Ian, Eiffel tower is a good subject of photos. So, i have commented this one on flickr!
Great shot!

19/6/05 19:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, this one is a typical tourist shot, but the angle es very good!

19/6/05 23:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ian, about that job: that's so EU!

20/6/05 00:09  
Blogger Rock Kauser said...

Okay, a shot that most tourist would be happy with; but I hope we are going to see the "Ian" touch on the rest of the series!

20/6/05 04:20  
Blogger Suyog said...

Eiffel tower has always been a fav of mine! I took the easier route of the lift but now I wish I had taken the steps... This is a very interesting angle. I am sure you will have pics from the top and the tower in the night.

One small suggestion, maybe you can crop a little bit at the bottom..

20/6/05 06:15  
Blogger MP said...

Have not seen the tower with my own eyes but your picture makes me want to visit Paris.

20/6/05 07:00  
Blogger ian said...

Thank you all for your comments.

Suyog, you are probably rigth about the crop - I thought about it for quitea while, but chose not to in order to retain the lovely curve at the bottom.

The real solution is to go back and take it again but better framed!

20/6/05 12:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know exactly what your talking about. I had a job where I traveled to every corner of the US for 4 years, and didn't get a chance to really see anything. It was mostly from a car or airplane window :(

20/6/05 15:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I visited the Eiffel tower when I was six or seven--we climbed the stairs as well. I don't remember much about it, other than the amazing view, and that we saw a black and white silent movie somewhere on the first or second level. I'd love to go back someday...

20/6/05 16:12  
Blogger Ryan Rahn said...

Wow, that's a crazy angle and perspective! Awesome.

20/6/05 17:16  
Blogger Potpourri said...

Ohh Ian, Thanks so much for the Eiffel Tower shot and for mentioning me :). I am so honoured (I am grinning ear to ear).

This is a great perspective to get to see what an exemplary piece of engineering it is.

I am so sorry I did not visit this yesterday, I did not get time to sit @ the computer at all.

Have a great week.

20/6/05 18:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ahh the tower, soo nice, great angle - criosdan

21/6/05 06:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really like your perspective. You did a very good job with this! Wonderful!

Abe from

21/6/05 17:53  
Blogger Metallyptica said...

Hmmm... the Eiffel Tower is just great! And through your eyes it just gets much better (well... that and seeing it by myself as I did a few time ago!)

21/6/05 20:02  
Blogger makuahine said...

I like this shot! And it is quite sexy ;-)

22/6/05 02:31  

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