Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Journey: Blue Seat

Blue Seat

This is a picture of a blue seat in the Wiesbaden to Frankfurt S-Bahn train.

I thought Frédéric over at Nomad Photo might like this one since he is seriously into minimalist art - check out his picture from yesterday!


Blogger Metallyptica said...

Gosh... those seats are the same wherever we go... They are the same here!

Cool photo! Very original! ;)

14/6/05 09:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If this seat could tell over its life...

Greets Holger

14/6/05 11:04  
Blogger ChickyBabe said...

Love the texture! I could almost touch it.

14/6/05 12:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice study in blue.

14/6/05 12:38  
Blogger jane said...

Train upholstery is the same the world over I think! Lovely rich blue.

14/6/05 13:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the simple lines on this.

14/6/05 13:49  
Blogger Bradley said...

I like the light. I'm used to public transit seats that don't look quite this nice.

14/6/05 14:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really, this looks so nice and clean! I love that bright blue color and the simple lines--it seems like the seats I see around are usually orange and blue crazy patterned messes!

14/6/05 14:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

vivid color and simple pattern r great combination

14/6/05 15:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it the same company that makes trains world-wide? They look exactly like the ones here. ;-)

14/6/05 16:59  
Blogger Potpourri said...

Mmm, somehow this dark , blue tone gives an eerie feeling..i am half expecting a shadow to come from somewhere and grip me :) Nice composition Ian.

14/6/05 17:24  
Blogger Srikanth said...

looks like a reflection, but the pattern is very well captured.

14/6/05 17:56  
Blogger Rock Kauser said...

Very different from your "average/normal" style. I always find it interesting what we see and what we don't see, and what we decide to capture or not capture.

14/6/05 23:42  
Blogger vishnoi said...

nice blue-black combo. like it.

15/6/05 00:53  
Blogger makuahine said...

That is some funky fabric! BLUE!

15/6/05 01:22  
Blogger Adventuring through Florida's WILD life! said...

Now there you go turning all artistic on us.

15/6/05 01:26  
Blogger ian said...

Thank you all for your comments.

gnb - not sure if it is artistic!

15/6/05 02:48  
Blogger F. Vissault said...

Thanks Ian for compliments. And thanks for your recommend on your blog! So cool! I have put a link on my photoblog of your photoblog.
Do you want post one of your minimalist shot on my blog?

16/6/05 11:18  
Blogger F. Vissault said...

Hey, Ian, I understand now! I love this one! I love all your shot! You are the king. And I'm not the king in english.
In french: Cette photo est parfaite, les 2 tons de bleus apportent de la profondeur. Et la composition est parfaite aussi car tu as respecté 1/3, 2/3. En gros le nombre d'or! Gold number ;D Really a good work!

16/6/05 11:23  

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