Saturday, June 04, 2005

Scrapyard: Extinguished Extinguishers!

Extinguished Extinguishers!

This is the last of my series of scapyard photographs - a week has gone by already!

A similar subject to the opening one (It's a Gas) in some ways with a view of pressure cylinders. I like this with the red colour.

These are most likely collected together because there are some kind of rules on their disposal. I wonder if these were cylinders spent in action and what great fire was prevented by them sacrificing themselves to save life and limb. More likely, their useful life came to an end due to being out of date after a lifetime of service waiting, waiting, waiting ... for a chance to show their mettle. Now discarded for shiny new ones with, perhaps, more modern contents which are more environmentally friendly (but not as good at putting fires out!).

Tomorrow a new theme begins, a couple of ideas present themselves to me and I will choose on the spur of the moment when I load the first picture. This whole blogging thing has been good for my photography since I have begun to take a few more pictures. If anyone has a suggestion for a theme, I would gladly hear it and perhaps try to take a series of photographs to present my cut on that theme.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is surprising what great material for color and composition can be made from the everyday and mundane. Very nice series.

4/6/05 14:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great write up. I really wonder how many old extinguishers actually see action before heading to the junk yard.

The red on black is great. It looks as if they are actually laying in burnt remains.

4/6/05 17:45  
Blogger Arto Alamaunu said...

You got a gift of seeing things.. :)

4/6/05 18:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ditto what they already said. I love it.

4/6/05 19:00  
Blogger ian said...

gnb - thank you for the comment on th eseries - i will start a new one tomorrow.

David - hopefully not too many see action, but without them ... it also struck me that this picture looks like they could be laying in a burnt out building.

labbai - thank you it is something I am trying to develop. :-)

mark - Ditto - thanks for loving it!

4/6/05 20:43  
Blogger Metallyptica said...

You have a gift turning everyday objects into art! :)

4/6/05 23:56  
Blogger F. Vissault said...

Colors are great in your shot! I like it! Keep it up!

5/6/05 09:45  
Blogger ian said...

thank you.

metallyptica - thank you for your lovely comment!

5/6/05 19:55  

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