Thursday, June 02, 2005

Scrapyard: The Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper

Smash them, bash them , break their bones. Swoop without warning like a monster in the night. There is no hope you are in my grip!

This is one of several machines in the scrapyard used to move, break up, crush and stack the scrap.

I have tried to picture it to show a menacing sinister side to its character with respect to the scrap in the yard. To me this has worked to some degree with a kind of gothic horror feel. Though it was a beautiful day, the sun popped behind this one black cloud and created the atmosphere of an electric storm brewing which is of course deadly to machinery, presenting this silhouette.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Scary and industrial... a mechanical monster. ;-)

2/6/05 15:38  
Blogger ian said...

alexandra - thank you - that is the effect I was trying to create.

2/6/05 17:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great work on this one. I love the sky in this shot. It really makes the Grim Reaper stand out, like the terror will soon start.

I'd love to play with one of these. I think it could be a great stress reliever..haha

2/6/05 18:38  
Blogger Rock Kauser said...

Very fine silhouette. I like how you captured just enough detail in the reaper to get a glimpse of what is really there.

2/6/05 21:29  
Blogger KMJ said...

Timurilenk, thanks for dropping by my photoblog! I'm honored, because your site and photos are just wonderful. I will be visiting again often. Have a great day. - kmj

3/6/05 01:52  
Blogger ian said...

David, Rock - truly appreciate your comments given the high quality of you own work.

David - you should be careful about publising such thoughts on the internet - the men in white coats will get you!!

kmj thank you for your very kind comment. I will visit your blog again also.

3/6/05 04:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heh...uh oh--they'd have to take me away as well! I've always been fascinated with heavy machinery, and one of my fantasies is to have a huge yard full of nothing but dirt, and a huge bulldozer to push it around with! Great shot, by the way--you really have managed to make this thing look creepy!

3/6/05 19:04  

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