Sunday, July 24, 2005

Flickr Favs: Reflected Tree

Reflected Tree

Well, I'm back! What a wonderful sight greeted me as I opened up my blog for the first time to see all those lovely photographs together at once. I am really impressed with all the different styles and types of photography - of course I am not surprised by the quality since I knew what you guys can do (that is why I chose you!)

A big thank you to you all!

I am delighted with all the images. If you have not already, please check out these blogs:I am still on vacation this week, though I now have access to the internet. In order to keep it simple and, hopefully give a little variety with some quality, I am posting some of my most favourited images from Flickr which have not yet been posted here.

You can see a few others with 10 or more favs which have already been posted here:

Here is the first one - I took this on a business trip to Dayton Ohio about two years ago. This is of course Rock's neck of the woods!

The question is, where am I?


Blogger ChickyBabe said...

Welcome back! It was lovely to see the different styles of photography in your absence.

I looked at this shot for a while and the last thing I saw was the tree! The colours, reflections and distortions just took over the scene...

24/7/05 12:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Ian! Welcome back and thanks for letting me sub for you - a real honor.

Well, I won't tell where you are in this image because I've already read your comment on Flickr.

Once again welcome back to the Net and I hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation!

24/7/05 12:57  
Blogger F. Vissault said...

Welcome back Ian! I love this reflection shot. Where you are? I have answer on your flickr site!

24/7/05 14:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Again, welcome back, Ian! I hope your trip went wonderfully!

The reflections in this are so great, and I love how you've lined up the tree...I missed this one in your Flickr stream, so I can take a guess I suppose...where you in the tree? Hmmmm...probably not, but who knows? Perhaps you are an avid tree-climber! :)

Now I must go take a peek and find out the answer...

24/7/05 15:23  
Blogger beth castillo-winsor [bcw] said...

Looks like you've been busy eh? Glad you're back!

24/7/05 15:50  
Blogger Chantal said...

Welcome back!!!

24/7/05 16:46  
Blogger KMJ said...

Welcome back (or, er, welcome to the part of your vacation where you came back to US - lol!) Great photo. Reminds me of a Mondrian painting in photo-cells. :)

24/7/05 17:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

really nice distortion shape and texture of this refelction shot...beautiful color also
btw welcome back!..during your getaway all your friends posted excellent photos. i really enjoy them all, thank u and all your freinds for sharing :-)

24/7/05 22:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back! And what a wonderful image to bring you back. I love reflections, and this is fabulous. Haven't a clue where it is, though.

25/7/05 01:05  
Blogger .:: ROSH ::. said...

Welcome back Ian..Looking forward to see all the wonderful pics.

25/7/05 01:42  
Blogger Srikanth said...

welcome back.
this is a beautiful, bright reflection with vibrant colours, full of life.

25/7/05 10:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back Ian! I'm glad to hear the first part of the vacation has gone well.

Thanks again for asking me to post. I had a great time with it, and will gladly do it again if you need me.


25/7/05 20:07  
Blogger Ezequiel Mesquita said...

Hello Ian, welcome back! Crazy reflections here! About the question of where were you in this picture, elemmental! In Dayton :) . Seriously: not a clue.

26/7/05 16:35  
Blogger anand said...


Just discovered your blog. I love such photos :).

Your daughter's photo is awesome too.

Will watch your blogs.


26/7/05 20:49  

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