Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Museum Neon

Museum Neon

Hello all.

I'm Rock and I'm Ian's sub for 19 July 2005.

I live in Columbus, Ohio, USA.

I make a large portion of my income from commercial photography.
But my real passion is just going out a seeing what I can find.

If you are interested in viewing more of my work please click below:

RSK Photography

Hey Ian - Bren says Hello! I hope your time away is going well.
I look forward to seeing you back and posting.



Blogger Ronalyn said...

Fabulous shot Rock.. ahh..nice to see you are a guest blogger for Ian! That's great! I too follow and adore your work! Love the neon lights! Thanks for sharing! Take care!

19/7/05 11:27  
Blogger Nish said...

Nice shot rock!

19/7/05 11:32  
Blogger Chantal said...

Nice neon light....

19/7/05 11:39  
Blogger jane said...

Gorgeous colours!

19/7/05 13:08  
Blogger Sidney said...

I am sure Ian will be happy !
Fantastic mix of bright colors.
I thought those lights were from the local bar and not from a museum :-)

19/7/05 13:42  
Blogger Kim said...

I just love these colors and the contrast with the black. Neon pictures are always so fascinating and beautiful. I found your blog yesterday and love it. Columbus is a great city, been there for work quite a few times. Again, great shot!

19/7/05 13:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

radiance in colors....nice abstract shot:-)

19/7/05 15:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice one, Rock--you're so amazing at these neon light shots! I llove the bold lines and colors in this, and the focus works beautifully!

19/7/05 16:43  
Blogger cosmicblob said...

your shot Rocks! :-)

19/7/05 16:58  
Blogger Ezequiel Mesquita said...

Love those neons Rock! It reminds me I should visit your abstract Blog more often, I usually stick to your Columbus view...

20/7/05 18:21  
Blogger F. Vissault said...

What a good neon photo! I love your style and your eye is great!

22/7/05 22:30  
Blogger ian said...

Hi Rock, Thank you for this one - a wonderful neon abstract - I love it! These neon creations are fabulous!

Hi Bren - we had a great time, though the weather was very wet.

24/7/05 07:06  

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